Misyon Tokenization Platform

We introduce a new way of investment

Embrace the future of finance with seamless tokenization. Our platform empowers you to transform your real world assets into digital tokens, unlocking new opportunities and efficiency.

“In collaboration with eight global partner institutions, Misyon has combined its banking and capital markets expertise to build unique know-how for the global investment market. We are ready to make this solution available to institutions in Turkey and our region as regulations allow.”

– Dr. Önder Halisdemir, CEO of Misyon Bank.


What Can We Tokenize?

Bonds, Funds, Company Shares, Real Estate Investment Funds, VC Funds, Commodities, and any other securities.

Benefits of Tokenization

With tokenization, investment instutions can unlock the full potential of their assets, facilitating faster transactions, reducing fraud risk, and opening new avenues for investment.

Who Is This Platform For?

Banks, investment companies, asset managers, brokers, crypto assets platforms, and other financial or non financial instutions.

“Misyon Bank has developed a first-of-its-kind tokenization solution, prioritizing security, scalability, and efficiency. We are proud to support this project, allowing public and private institutions to meet global investor demands without compromising on security or compliance.” 

– Dr. Emin Gün Sirer, Founder and CEO of Ava Labs, Inc. Kurucusu ve CEO’su.

“Misyon Bank’s commitment to leadership in this area is extremely valuable. With this project, Türkiye could establish a prominent position within the region in digital asset custody and tokenization.” 

– Lamine Brahimi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Taurus.

What Do We Offer?

Experience the future of investment with our all-encompassing tokenization services, designed to provide secure and efficient management of your digital assets.


Let's Create & Launch Your Asset Tokenization Platform

A comprehensive digital asset solution for securities issuers and investment platforms, covering every stage of the tokenized asset lifecycle.

1. Design & Strategy Plan

2. Build Your Own Tradable Token Platform

3. Implement Banking Back Office Solutions

Let's Get Started

You can explore “Bond Token Platform”, an innovative use case of Misyon Tokenization Platform, or you can book a demo.

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Misyon Yatırım Bankası A.Ş. has been granted an operating permit under the Banking Law No. 5411 with the decision of the BRSA dated 15 December 2022.